Is the anti-corruption banter alone sufficient?

As the march proceeds to 16years of democracy, symptoms of the 2011 fever become more apparent & brings to light the question, Are we simply voting against corruption, or towards a better Nigeria?

Very few political pundits have stayed faithful to the debates that govern the lives of ordinary Nigerians with regards to increased quality of life. The main point of the opposition agenda seems to merely be about removing a president from office and putting another one.

Issues relating to why the country could only generate 1,500MWs in 15 years, poverty levels, how the insurgency is to be tackled, what to do about unemployment, where to raise money admist falling oil prices, how to strengthen the Naira, and the most efficient means of diversifying the economy have all been swept under the carpet.

The politically induced social pressure that developed into massive votes for GEJ under the banner of sentiments, & it’s ripple effect in the loss of innocent lives to violence is undeniably apparent.

Whether the political loggerheads have a manifesto is no longer of concern to those who should hold these concerns highest. What should be in those manifestos, is in all technicality the answer to ‘What we are voting for?’

The facts are clear. Both candidates from the largest and most politically influential parties are fielding candidates who promised not to contest in 2015. Both parties have members who have swapped positions from the other party. Both parties have not presented a viable and sustainable plan to re-calibrate the economy. Both parties remain the products and remnants of a power drunk and greedy social and political elite structure. Both parties are without doubt, the same.

Sadly, the euphoria associated with elections in Nigeria is equally the same, so also is the fear of Nigeria’s fate afterwards. For many, this fear represents missing friends & and family members lost to chaos. The fear cannot be banished, it cannot be forgotten, for after all the politicking, the banter & victory dances, the situation may yet remain the same. Add to that, a mild yet powerful question lingers, the question of ‘What will happen after 2015 elections?’.


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