Crimes of the Northerner II

A Female Suicide Bomber apprehended in Kano

The walls and classes speak with their emptiness, a thousand silent cries. Once filled with laughing girls who all shared the prospects that education promised, they are but ridden with broken walls and bullet holes.

Yet people still ask, what do they tell these girls who blow themselves up? I think that such questions in themselves betray the insensitiveness to the plights of little Northern girls, especially those in the northeast, and more so in the face of unparalleled insurgency. In another light, what else have they been taught in over five years their schools have been closed down due to our government’s inability to curb the crisis?

The girls are not being brainwashed. There are no brains to wash, or to be a little precise, there are no active brains anymore, just horrible images of gross human violations and memories of those lost. Perhaps all the insurgents have to do is pour in information into these heads already burdened by grief. For what kind of brain can remain healthy enough under such conditions to process information into do’s and don’ts?

Only God knows how they feel. Nigerians don’t. We just blame the terrorism. But those who have become more acquainted with this subject know it all too well. Terrorism is a weapon, but a weapon of the weak, a weapon of despair.

Save our girls. Save our mothers. Save Nigeria.


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