Crimes of the northerner I.


Tahir Sherriff

When trapped in poverty, you’re not only at the mercy of cash shortages, unfulfilled ambitions and dire hopelessness. You’re also in the company of desperate people, who seeking to find meaning in their hopeless endeavors will align with whatever course their ambitions follow.

When trapped as a lower class citizen in Nigeria’s northern hemisphere, not only will you face food shortages, health challenges, power problems and gross unemployment. You will of course become fates dangerous tool in the complexities of corruption, insecurity, religious intolerance, and all the other cousins of desperation often lurking a few breaths away.

The extremism has no friends. It has traveled from police stations to churches, churches to schools, schools to government establishments, to markets, to private families, individuals, hospitals, mosques and it may find you, sitting down wherever you are doing what you have to do to survive, while waiting to become another body count.

I cannot explain religious extremism, but i can understand poverty, captured in a few words.

“…this isn’t life, and if it is, it isn’t worth living…”


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