Pastor TB Joshua, Ebola & a pinch of salt.

Thanks to the Govts efforts at ignoring some people. Ebola is a thing of the past.


Ebola Isolation Centre Ebola Isolation Centre

I have always admired Pastor T.B Joshua for one thing and one thing alone. His mad PR skills. So if he wakes up one morning and decides to tell the world, and organizations like the WHO (World Health Organization) that Ebola is “…a spiritual problem caused by the worlds forgetfulness of God…”, or some other random reason like that, i don’t sweat it. The man has got leverage.

He comfortably went against the warnings of Lagos state’s commissioner of health Jide Idris, who warned that fraudsters in the form of religious leaders peddling rumors of healing would be dealt with. But I guess that doesn’t go for Pastor T.B Joshua.

I mean look at the millions of followers from different countries of the world. The tons and tons of video recordings on a daily basis showing live exorcisms, spirituals deliverances and even ‘white folks’ who have seen…

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