Alternative Evil: Deconstructions of the ‘better’ alternative

Aisha Kuta, Media brief for Alternative Evil Exhibition

The quest for a healthier society has always remained a going concern. Where Nicotine is involved however, it’s a battle between costs and profits, policies and regulations, and of course, morality.

Aisha Kuta speaks from a different angle. An artistic presentation of what may be a silent evil. Nicotine in its various forms.

She recharges the discussion on the slow transition from chewable tobacco to pipes and cigarettes with new insight, describing these habitual changes as a carefully engineered neuro-linguistic-programming technique employed by some of the oldest cabals in existence. The tobacco companies.

In her oncoming exhibition, the young awareness expert aims to present alternative information to enlighten people on the health hazards associated with nicotine, and smoking as well as consumables as advanced as e-cigarettes.

Aisha also explores in the most subtle gradations, the battle between an unstable government against billion dollar empires steeped in extreme human physiology research on how to make a dangerous commodity stay in the market.

The argument is as old as Nigeria, or even older, for smoking was long a practice before Western explorers first set foot on the shores of what has become Nigeria. But she presents a different angle.

” I have nothing against the tobacco companies, I’m actually neutral, but we must empower people with sufficient information to make informed decisions about their health” Aisha Kuta maintains.

I had to ask about those who kept the smoking habit among others within their comfort zones. Those who refused to engage in the moral arguments on the issue of tobacco usage. The few, who were eager to let go of their rather short term problems of anxiety and depression with a slow puff at a loyal brand, there for them when all other shoulders had disappeared. The informed smokers.


“..You must understand that even the government has always been aware, and concerned of the health hazards. There’s an existing policy that bans people from smoking in public places and the government is trying hard to improve on these regulations…” She responds

The Alternative Evil exhibition which is being organized by Aisha Kuta and slated to take place on 13th November seeks to explore the dangers associated with nicotine usage to youths and adults as well as contribute to arguments regarding the responsibility of a government to inform its citizens in matters of health and social welfare.

All the factors have come to play in Aishas new narrative. Loyal brands like Benson & Hedges, Rothmans, Dunhill, St Morris, as well as Hashish, Shisha, Bong, and e-cigarettes are not the only ones being recognized as an alternative evil, carefully hidden beneath them all she points out, is

“…the tampered perspective of their users, shaped effectively by coordinated and insinuating advertising techniques from the oldest manufacturing companies worldwide…”

Perhaps this strikes at the heart of ethical guidelines long ignored by a country battling with extremely complex challenges as corruption and religious extremisim, nonetheless Aisha has without doubt introduced a new undertone to the silent dangers. The human problems hidden in the most unlikely crevices, waiting to introduce the less informed to an era of unparalleled health complications. The Alternative Evil.


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