Dear Boko Haram, Please attack the politicians

When i wrote this, i had a primitive idea the dynamics would alternate. This was before Gwoza


Crying Woman A mother cries over her loss in a bomb explosion claimed by insurgents Boko Haram

Dear Boko Haram,

First I must apologize for using the whole phrase Boko Haram while writing a rather personal letter. This is because in all the information provided about you, none has been able to truly describe you completely as to whom you really are, or where you come from. The cities you have captured have become numerous, the man perceived to be your leader has been executed and names like ‘Shekau’ et al have begun to look like ‘similes’ and ‘fictional characters’. So, sir my sincerest apologies.

However, the objective of my writing this letter to you is to state how very scared I have become of you in recent times. You have proved your point, not in terms of what you want or how you want to go about it, but that…

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