…a Prayer for 2014

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A Prayer for 2014…

May the universe teach us to invest in wonder so that we might treat the world around us with the gasping strangeness it rightfully deserves.

May we make more mistakes than we could possibly account for – in poetic adventures that take us not from our purported smallness to promised prominence, but from gratitude to even deeper gratitude.

May the fault lines beneath our certainties widen this coming year – leaving fissures of doubt and portals to the magic in other ways of knowing and other ways of being.

May we find outrageous peace with our shadows – knowing they are not agents of our falling, but emissaries of new moments we haven’t yet inhabited.

May the soothing tunes of our planet wash the wounds inflicted by our attempts to be perfect, to be ‘better’ than the other, and to be deserving – reminding us in soft symphonies that we are more magnificent than we could possibly imagine.

May we find the grace to be ‘stupid’, the privilege to be wrong, the calling to lose our ways, the courage to be afraid; the strength to cry, the playfulness to not know why, the faith to doubt, and the presence of mind to be silent.

May we learn to appreciate our many moments of implosion – seeing that in our breakdowns we are merely preparing our inner grounds for a blossoming of a different sort, and that the only thing that shines brighter than a star is failed one.

May we inhabit Edens of plenitude, filled with tattooed fruits of surprise, sweetened with masalas of treasured goodness that could only come with being with those we love, those who love us, and those waiting to.

Adebayo A.

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