Maaroof Rockaroo Ahmed

Over the years, we have come to realize that a lot of things we claim to know regarding exports and the whereabouts of our raw materials in Nigeria remain a mystery. A country so rich in natural resources would appear to be a sturdy ship that could remain afloat and seldom sink if the necessary tips are applied in-sync.

But as the years go by,some significant issues are ignored and others are swept under the carpet. Major matters are not raised because a lot of sources seem superficially minor and there isn’t enough evidence to prove such a situation. In other cases, the points may be scanty therefore not having the capacity to contain a quorum. This could go on for the next decade if things are not placed under the microscope as soon as possible.

The time to get proactive is now as the issue of our wealth is highly imperative and must be attended to instantly. So the above mentioned body is dropping the kid gloves and taking matters into their own safe hands.

NEITI literally prevails to act as an overall x-ray on such problems: it takes a detailed look at these situations, then generates simple and easy ways towards viewing them from an enlightened perspective. It basically answers all the how’s where’s what’s and why’s found on the surface of every product that this country produces,stating all the necessary statistics.

It makes citizens aware of how their wealth is being circulated as well as giving them comfortable grounds for debating and discussions.

This makes it easier for people to coexist in harmony without conflicts,and it alleviates the level of crime in the country.

It has brought a solution to the age old problem of keeping secrets behind closed doors, serving as a boon which will make life a lot easier for Nigerians.


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