Northern Nigeria, Economics & Islam

by Hamza Abdulhameed

Already burdened by a need to adapt to more democratic political structures that will ensure the participation of a sizeable amount of neglected citizens, several states in northern Nigeria face the all the common enemy. Religious Scholars.

Formerly seen as idealists, spiritualists and religious reformers, some scholars in several states of northern Nigeria have began to tap into the economic & political advantages of their huge followership.

For them, as current actions have been translated, victory has no price to it, nor do they take to account its costs to society as thousands of northern Nigerian families do not only suffer from adapted levels of high illiteracy & unemployment, but also insecurity and a growing level of uncertainty.

However, in all the literature released by the Nigerian military which claims to have brought all skills to bear in its efforts to curb the effects of violent religious fanatism, little is revealed about the financial and economic activities of violent preaching religious scholars & terrorist groups.

How finance is acquired, how it has been effectively utilized, arms sourcing, transport and delivery systems have still remained un-explained in public literature.

Also largely neglected are the effects of global events, as news about Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran Egypt & Syria flood national channels & clearly go along to shape the lives of northern Nigerian youths towards a rejection of what is perceived to be western imperialism.

Huge funding by the government on security & a setting up of an amnesty framework for the reconstruction of the northern region have not played out as expected either. Security forces have been recorded by local and international reports to further escalate tensions in the region. Some even believe that the supposed amnesty committee is simply engaged in the business of dispute settling & greasing of palms as well.

For a region however which accounts for a large number of citizens inclusive of minority & dominant groups, fighting is clearly of less importance to understanding the structure upon which upon which young men are eager to strap themselves with explosives & push the button.

In the wake of coming elections, citizens of northern Nigeria who wish to see a safe and viable region may have to choose among the regular intelligent political conservatives & radical religious teachers.


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